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  • 5 Tips for Modern Networking

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  • Happy Capitalism!

    Listen to Happy Capitalism! What Is Happy Capitalism? At the end of every CIBN meeting we enthusiastically say “Happy Capitalism!” What do we mean by that? Over the years we have met people from countries where capitalism is not considered a good thing. There were people groups who were exploited in the name of capitalism. There are famous people…

  • How To Provide A Warm Lead

    Listen to How To Provide A Warm Lead Sometimes new members worry that they will be unable to provide enough warm leads to the other members of their group. It has even hindered some from joining a profitable referral group because they believe they will not add value. Everyone however, has some great leads. You would have to have lived your whole life…

  • Instantly Imprint Your Business

    Listen to Instantly Imprint Your Business How To Instantly Imprint Your Business Did you know that it takes 7-14 touches to get a sale? So how can you touch a prospect 7-14 times quickly so that they warm up to you quickly? How can you instantly imprint your business on the mind of a future client? There are a variety of…