Wish of a Lifetime: We are in the business of ‘Making People’s Lives Better’ here at Chartwell and are passionate about our values- as reflected in our Partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada- a charity that grants wishes to Seniors.
 Chartwell owns and operates more than 200 retirement and long term care homes in Canada across 4 key provinces, and is the largest senior housing provider in the country. 
Chartwell is committed to its vision of Making People’s Lives BETTER and to providing a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life experience for its residents. For more information, visit www.chartwell.com

Our Faboulous Speaker’s list includes

Suze Casey, Belief Re-patterning

Sandy D’acey, Vocal Energies Sue Deyell, MC Heather Driedger, Heathers Health Coaching Andrea Eschenbrenner, 5 Point Chiropractic Kim Fargo Chartwell Retirement Residences Wayne Lee, Wayne Lee Hypnotist Joanne Neweduk, Fabulous at 50 Calgary Joanne D Neweduk, Brilliant Light Wellness Andrew Savage, Vitamins First Lorna Selig, Safe4Life Lorraine Shulba, Shulba Blue Bug Studios Tina Thrussel, Thrussel Shin Dao – The Way of the Heart