Wael Badawy, Ph.D. 

Wael Badawy (Business Leader of Tomorrow, Top 40 Under 40 in Business) is an international award-winning speaker, author, educator, innovator, and trainer. Internationally, he successfully built seven multi-million dollar sustainable businesses within periods of six months or less. As a multilingual speaker, he has lectured to more than 1.5 million entrepreneurs, business leaders, students, and scientists in technology, innovation, business, and entrepreneurship. He has more than 60,000 hrs of teaching, lecturing, and keynote speaking in business, engineering, technical concerns, legal discourse, arbitration, dispute resolutions, and life transformations. He has taught groups ranging from 6 to 14,000+ in a single session. His audiences include world leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, graduates, masters, seamen, community leaders, new employees, engineers, scientist, doctors, and others.

Wael is a consultant; coach, trainer, and founder of the Entrepreneurship Driving License, which certified 17,000+ entrepreneurs in its first year, enabling young entrepreneurs to use his strategies to build their businesses. Over his career, Wael has founded 23 international companies and operations, ranging in size from $1 Million to $128 Million, and hs led eight national entrepreneurship initiatives and programs. Wael received at least 73 international awards, contributed to 18 books and proceedings, and has 21 patents and 600+ peer-reviewed papers and publications.

Wael Badawy has been awarded two PhDs in Engineering, three MSc degrees in Science and Engineering, a BSc (Honors), an MBA, and six Diplomas in Law and Arbitration. He is currently a PEng, CMC member, CAPS Professional Member, Senior Member of IEEE and ACM, SPIE, Fellow of The Phi Beta Delta Honor Society, the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society (UPE), and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, among others.

During his own academic, business and coaching career, Dr. Badawy has marketed his own books by maximizing the use of a wide range of paper and on-line promotional strategies.
Many of his books also have mobile apps that increase their availability for their audiences.

Overall, Wael is a husban. a father and is looking forward to sharing his experiences with you to help you transform your business, your life, and secure your future.

Wael Badawy is the absolute master of selling from the platform. The “Genius of Selling from the Stage” is a breakthrough sales system to enable next generation of the sales professionals to achieve a dramatic improvement in sales productivity. I enthusiastically recommend this book to every sales manager, marketer and speaker who is ready to benefit from mastering these powerful skills to take sales numbers to the next level. Brian Lee, CSP, Founder and CEO, Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd.